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Christian Bracelets for Women

Women’s Christian Bracelets have been created for Christian Women who love to share their faith through fashionable, stylish, and fashion-forward jewelry. Kerusso continually creates bracelets that merge today’s jewelry trends with the unchanging Words of Christ.

Throughout the world, fashion bracelets are worn by millions of women. They are worn to symbolize social status, as accents to an outfit, and just for fun. With Kerusso's Bracelets for Christian Women, the symbol takes on a much greater significance – the message of heaven and salvation through Christ is front and center.

Pastor, author and missionary John White says, “A good witness isn't like a salesman, emphasis is on a person rather than a product. A good witness is like a signpost. It doesn't matter whether it is old, young, pretty, ugly; it has to point the right direction and be able to be understood. We are witnesses to Christ, we point to him.” Christian Bracelets For Women help point people in the right direction as a witness to Christ.

Christian Bangle Bracelets combine fun fashion with scriptural truths to make these excellent witnessing tools. Take your pick from 3-packs of bracelets that sport fancy designs or messages of God's truth.

Christian T-Shirts + Women’s Christian Bracelets = amazing witnessing opportunities. Kerusso loves creating t-shirts and jewelry that proclaim the Good News of Jesus Chris to the world. And you can feel confident that when you wear Kerusso Apparel or Christian Bracelets For Women that conversation about Jesus will follow you wherever you go.