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Christian Jewelry

Christian Jewelry has never been as cool and bold as the jewelry created by Kerusso. Each piece of jewelry features the message of Christ and the love that He has for each of us.

Zebra Bracelet - Christian Bracelet


Zebra - Christian Headband

$8.99   $4.50

WWJD Bracelet


Wrist Band - Heaven Is For Real


Wrapped Cord Cross Christian Guy's Bracelet


Wings As Eagles Necklace - Christian Necklace


Winged Cross Bracelet - Brown Leather Brac...


Wide Silicone Bracelet - Smile - Christian...


Walk By Faith Bracelet


Two Tabs Cross Necklace - Christian Necklace


Twirl Cross Necklace - Christian Necklace


Turquoise - Cherished Necklace

$12.99   $6.49

Tube Cross Necklace - Christian Necklace

$14.99   $7.50

Tribal Cross Ring - Christian Ring

$6.50   $3.25

Tribal Cross Bracelet - Dark Green Bracelet


Tile Bracelet - Flowers (Set of 2)


Thy Kingdom Come Dog Tags


Tan Silver Cross Boho Bracelet



Christian Rings

Kerusso Christian Rings set the standard when it comes to Christian Jewelry. Our fun and fashionable rings are made of non-corrosive stainless steel and feature a unique “spinner” that will attract attention to His message.  

Christian Necklaces & Cross Necklaces

Our Christian Necklaces and Cross Necklaces incorporate a mix of movement, layering, mixed materials and textures. No matter which one of our pieces of Christian Jewelry you choose, it will be packed with a life-changing word. A Kerusso wearer said, “One of my friends got each of the girls in our group a Kerusso necklace to remind us that God loves us so much, He gave the ultimate sacrifice. It is so encouraging to have something that reminds me of His love every day.”

Christian Bracelets

Christian Bracelets are the perfect way to not only remind yourself of the One you live for, but to display the love of Christ for all to see. Kerusso has Christian Jewelry to match your style. Have fun with our stretch bangles - these bracelets are elastic and are adorned with graphics and rhinestones in a color-coordinated 3-pack; or choose from our Christian Bracelets made out of canvas -  these very cool bracelets feature screen-printed graphics accented with buttons and studs. 

Spread the Good News of Jesus with Kerusso’s Christian Jewelry today.