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High School Graduation Gifts

Looking for a great gift for your high school graduates entering college?  Whether they will be preparing to enter the new and exciting world of “pulling all-nighters” and will need that extra cup of coffee in the morning or whether they simply enjoy the taste of a freshly brewed cup, Christian travel mugs make the perfect gift for college students on the go. Who would have thought that sharing one’s faith could be as easy as carrying a coffee mug to class?

College Graduation Gifts

Looking for a gift for your college graduate that will be off traveling or moving out for the first time? Making the transition from the college campus dorms to a residence of one’s own can be tricky, but Kerusso backpacks and totes can make your graduate’s move and travels much simpler. The bags, varying in size, are easy to fill and to carry, but most of all, they provide a simple way for your graduate to keep the message of the gospel with him or her on the go to share with others. 

Graduation Gifts

Many graduates, like most teenagers and young adults today, spend a great amount of time on their cell phones, especially in the expanding world of technology of 2013. Students are increasingly centering their lives and work around the use of technology, visibly on their phones nearly 24/7. A Kerusso cell phone case provides the perfect way to not only protect your graduate’s cell phone but, most importantly, to help your student bring his or her faith into the world of technology and witness to others without hardly even trying. These stylish cases appeal to many interests, showcasing encouraging verses of scripture and inspirational messages, and are available in various colors and designs.     

Christian Graduation Gifts

When you take the time to provide your graduate with a heartfelt gift, the thought truly goes a long way. Your gift to your graduate shows that you care about him or her and not only want to congratulate him or her on their excellent achievement, but also that you want to encourage him or her in their walk of faith for the years to come. Making it easy for your student to witness to others in an academic  setting or workplace is one of the greatest gifts you can give to him or her. Let’s praise God for their success in this field and continually lift them up in our prayers!

Give us a call if you have any questions about our products or mission, and let us provide you with the perfect gift of an evangelistic tool for your graduate!