Clearance Gift Ideas

The Kerusso Clearance Gift department features a variety of our products at deep discounts. The next time you have an opportunity to give a gift look at it as an opportunity to present the ultimate gift (salvation) through the gift you give. Choose something that represents your heart and the new life you’ve been given through Christ.

Kerusso’s mission is to proclaim the Good News to the world through products about Jesus. With these Christian gifts that are at clearance and closeout prices the ability to share the Good News with even more people just got a lot easier.

There are no products in this category at this time. New products are coming soon. Please check back ...

These clearance gifts make great prizes and rewards for any Sunday School class. Think about the different ways you could use these Kerusso gifts as part of your VBS program. Do you direct a women or men’s Bible study? Our clearance gifts are priced just right for bulk orders to use as giveaways. Or think about your next outreach – how could you use one of the many items from our clearance gift section to impact the lives of people in your community or around the world?

The opportunity to share the love of God with others through Christian gifts is almost endless. What if the Christian gift you gave to someone was the very thing that sparked hope in his or her life or helped him or her take that final step in fully committing their life to Christ? How often have you needed a word or encouragement and at the right time you came across a message that spoke right to your situation and gave you the strength to press on? What would you feel like knowing that God used you to purchase and give a gift that did any one of these things?

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these deals. When the gifts are gone they are gone. Our Clearance Gift section is updated regularly so bookmark this page and come back regularly to grab your share of the great deals that are offered.