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Baptism Gifts For Girls

Our baptism gifts for girls have been created for eternal impact. And while our website is packed with a huge selection of gifts we’ve put together a quick list to help you get started.

Fun, fashion and faith are combined in the Cherished line of Christian t-shirts from Kerusso. Each of these shirts is filled with the living Word of God. Every Girl is a Cherished Girl and these t-shirts proclaim that message to everyone who reads them. Bright colors with witty and powerful messages make up this exciting line of Christian t-shirts.

What girl doesn’t love Christian jewelry? The selection of Kerusso girls jewelry is constantly growing. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more all feature scripture and messages that are reminders of God’s love, peace, protection and provision. With our Christian jewelry you will always find a strong message wrapped inside of today’s most popular styles and fashion trends.

And who says girl’s baptism gifts can’t be fun? Being a Christian isn’t supposed to be stuffy, boring and stiff. Jesus died so we could live an abundant life full of joy. We believe that abundant life can and should be expressed through fun products like: scrunch bracelets with messages of faith, iPhone cases that are bright and colorful, inspirational insulated tumblers, silicone bracelets and much more!

When you look at all of the baptism gifts that are available to purchase think about the one receiving the gift – the one being baptized. Think about the commitment she has made to Christ through the act of baptism. She has made Jesus her priority – she is proclaiming to her family, friends and the world that her life is now being lived to serve her King. So, as you keep that in mind, give a baptism gift to her that will help her be a strong witness to the One she calls Savior and follows with her whole heart.

Give a memorable baptism gift that won’t be easily forgotten. Give baptism gift that won’t collect dust but that will have an eternal impact on the one receiving it and on the others who will read the message inscribed on the gift.

Throughout the Bible God’s people set up memorials and gave gifts to commemorate events that changed history. Baptism is one of those events that can be life changing. Don’t let the moment pass without honoring it with a gift that boldly proclaims what the event means to the young lady being baptized.

We are here to help deliver baptism gifts for girls that are meaningful and help change the lives of those who receive and use them. Millions of people around the world have seen Kerusso’s girls baptism gifts used to turn the hearts of others towards Jesus. Be a part of seeing people come into the Kingdom through a girls baptism gift from Kerusso.