Max Lucado Devotional

MAX LUCADO loves words—written, spoken, it does not matter. He loves to craft sentences that are memorable, inspiring, and hopefully life-changing. In almost 25 years of writing, more than 100 million products—80 million books—filled with his words have been sold. Lucado is a Minister of Preaching at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, where he has served since 1988, and he is currently serving as a contributing editor for Leadership Journal magazine. He has been married to Denalyn Preston Lucado since 1981, and they have three grown daughters—Jenna, Andrea, and Sara—and one son-in-law, Brett.

All profits for this Gift Book, Change Your Shirt. Change The World! will be donated to Compassion International. Buy this Christian gift book today and enjoy Max Lucado’s devotional call “The Way Home”. We would like to give a special thank you to Max Lucado for donating his time and inspiration for this amazing devotional.

Picture: The first page of Max Lucado’s Devotional.


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