Cheri Hamilton Devotional

CHERI HAMILTON is the mother of Bethany Hamilton and lives with her husband Tom in Hawaii. In 2007, a documentary, Heart of a Soul Surfer, was made, detailing the family’s ordeal and achieving international acclaim. In 2011 Soul Surfer, a major motion picture, was produced based on Bethany’s life story along with Raising a Soul Surfer, a book written by Cheri Hamilton revealing the amazing details of Bethany’s story and the hand of God upon their family.

All profits for this Gift Book, Change Your Shirt. Change The World! will be donated to Compassion International. Buy this Christian gift book today and enjoy Cheri Hamilton’s devotional called “Unsinkable.” You can also purchase the My Lifeguard Walks on Water t-shirt today represented below. We would like to give a special thank you to Cheri Hamilton for donating his time and inspiration for this amazing devotional.

Picture: The first page of Cheri Hamilton‘s Devotional.

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