Christian Facebook Pictures

Sharing Christian photos on Facebookis an amazing way to proclaim the Good News of Christ. More than 1 billion people are part of the Facebook community, which means there is a huge field that is ripe for harvest.Three hundred million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. And while there are plenty of “cool” pictures like grumpy cats or the ham sandwich your brother had for lunch, why not share some Christian photos that live up the name of Christ.
Our growing library of Christian Facebook pictures are created with the same amazing images and messages found on our award-winning Christian apparel. Each picture contains the message of hope that is found through Jesus Christ.More than 70,000 people die every day without Jesus. Every little thing we do to spread the Good News matters. Something as simple as seeing a Christian Facebook photo may be just the thing that God uses to draw someone into a relationship with Christ.

Maybe you are nervous or don’t know what to say when it comes to sharing your faith. Kerusso’s Christian Facebook pictures can do the talking for you when you don’t have the words.

Use these Christian Facebook photos to start showing and sharing your faith today!

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