Licensed Apparel

Kerusso has become the go-to Christian T-Shirt Company for Licensed Apparel. When authors, musicians, bands, conferences and movie companies need apparel that supports their mission, they trust Kerusso to create and design the perfect shirts, hats and accessories.

Authors included in Kerusso’s lineup of Licensed T-Shirts include Max Lucado, Bruce Wilkinson and Francis Chan. We have also had the privilege of producing Licensed Apparel for Christian rock band Skillet and contemporary Christian music pioneer John Michael Talbot.

Kerusso has had the honor of working with and producing Licensed Apparel for the national women’s conference ministry, Women of Faith.

Licensed T-Shirts have also been created for the Christian Movies Fireproof, Like Dandelion Dust, Soul Surfer, Livin It featuring Stephen Baldwin and most recently, Courageous. 

Wholesale Licensed Apparel from Kerusso helps retailers serve their customers and communities by offering apparel, hats and accessories that support and extend the ministry and message of authors, bands, movies and more.

The expertise of Kerusso is taken full advantage of through Licensed Apparel that is fashioned to take the messages presented in print, through music and on the silver screen and put it on the backs of believers who are excited to share the Good News of Jesus.

Kerusso leads the way in Christian Licensed Apparel and Wholesale Licensed Apparel to help Christians proclaim their faith. The mission of Kerusso is to create products that proclaim the Good News of Jesus to the world. As you put on any one of our Christian T-Shirts, you become an ambassador for the Kingdom of God.