Christian Hoodies

Christian Hoodies have been created by Kerusso to keep you warm and looking cool. Beyond keeping you warm and looking cool, your Hoodie presents the gospel in a one-of-a-kind way.

Our Christian Sweatshirts feature the same funny, witty, bold, and award-winning designs as Kerusso Christian Tee-Shirts. As with any of our Sweaters, the transforming message of Christ is clearly communicated.

Check our our Jesus Strong Adult Hooded Sweatshirt! Life is a perpetual cycle and series of events, decisions, and repercussions; both good and bad. How...

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Check out our Whole Armor Adult Hooded Sweatshirt! Life’s struggles come in many forms, but the power of the Lord is mighty and strong. He...

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Check out our Trust in the Lord Adult Hooded Sweatshirt! How you see yourself, and how God sees you, differ greatly. Beyond our formal training,...

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Check out our God is Good Adult Hooded Sweatshirt! God’s promise to deliver man, pardon him, cleanse him and provide eternal peace in His Kingdom...

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Shop Our Christian Hoodies now to begin sharing your faith every time you put one on. The Bible says that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and word of our testimony. When you wear a Christian Sweater, conversations will be started and the opportunity to share your testimony will arise.

When you need a brilliant way to literally wear your heart on your sleeve, Kerusso Christian Hoodies are the perfect choice. Let the life-changing message that you carry inside shine on those around you.

The Word of God tells that our sin has been completely removed because of the sacrifice of Christ. God has blotted them out, remembers them no more and has hurled them into the depths of the sea. Through Christian Hoodies, the truth of forgiveness from sin is declared to all who see it.

Choose from Kerusso’s large selection of Christian Sweatshirts and Hoodies today. Great prices on Christian Sweaters are available now.