Christian Apparel For Men

In 1987, Kerusso was created with the mission of spreading the Gospel through Christian T-shirts. From the beginning, Christian Apparel For Men has been a major focus. Kerusso recognized the need to provide high quality apparel for men, including Christian Shirts and Christian Hoodies, which equip men to more easily share their faith.

A Kerusso fan recently said, "It is great that we have the opportunity to share God's Word wearing Kerusso products--just by walking around town doing our normal shopping!" Research shows that a Christian T-Shirt is read 3000 times before it's tossed in the garage sale box. Think about the world-changing power created by simply wearing Christian Tee Shirts or a Christian Hoodie printed with the message of Christ.

It is true that talking with people about Jesus can sometimes be intimidating. But with Kerusso's Christian Apparel for Men, the Good News is shared with all who read your shirt. Conversations that begin about your shirt can easily become an opportunity for you to witness to the power of Jesus Christ. We also offer Christian Apparel for Women as well.

Each and every Kerusso Christian T-Shirt carries the Word of God. And according to scripture the Word of God is like a sword that is able to pierce our hearts. So remember, each time you wear a piece of Christian clothing like a Christian T-Shirt, Christian Hoodie or Christian Apparel for Men you are spreading a message that can touch and change the heart of all who read it.